Pre-Launch Marketing Booster

The pre-launch marketing/publicity booster is for Artisan Bookworks authors who would like a little extra help with their marketing efforts. The booster is $999 and includes:

  • A press release for your book.
  • Email collaboration to refine the language for your press release. (Email correspondence is not unlimited, communication should be streamlined. Work on the release may entail but will not exceed a single half-hour phone call).
  • A galley letter for your book, which goes out with your long-lead “galley” copies.
  • A checklist of free and creative ways to promote your book.
  • Mailing of your books (2 copies to each outlet) to the five top industry review sites, i.e. Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Shelf Awareness, and Booklist.

*Long-lead mailings include any books sent out to reviewers or media three or more months prior to publication date.