How It Works

Artisan Bookworks offers ‘Partnership’ publishing models. What this means: we are a publishing company and our authors pay to publish under our imprint. Because the author is absorbing the financial risk of their publishing endeavor, we are able to offer authors a higher percentage of royalties. Authors also have the ability to have their books pre-ordered; and we guide the process, ensuring there’s a cohesive vision and that all books are adhering to a level of quality that’s on par with traditional publishing. Another benefit unique to authors is they qualify to submit their books to traditional review channels like PW, Kirkus, Booklist and Library Journal.

Artisan Bookworks’s basic publishing service includes:

  • Interior book layout
  • Cover design
  • Print-on-demand setup and distribution
  • e-book file preparation and upload
  • Proofreading of your final manuscript post-layout
  • Fulfillment of all orders on short-run printed books
  • Email support

DIY Marketing Extras

Once you’ve signed with Artisan Bookworks, we will provide you with the following templates to help you strategize your marketing plans:

  • press release
  • galley letter
  • book fact sheet
  • author questionnaire

Post-Launch Marketing

Artisan Bookworks post-launch marketing includes:

  • Reviewing your completed author questionnaire to help you flesh out information needed for marketing, developing your platform, identifying connections, etc.
  • Highlighting your book in a biannual Artisan Bookworks catalog that will be mailed and/or emailed out to reviewers as well as indie bookstores and librarians across the country.
  • Working with you to write and/or edit your book synopsis (50- and 100-word versions) and your author biography (100 words) to make sure you are including key words and positioning your work to attract readers’ attention.
  • Updating your bibliographic data in the ISBN database.
  • Editing a marketing fact-sheet and press release for your book.
  • Setting up your book for Amazon’s Search Inside the Book.

Fee-Based Add-Ons

Artisan Bookworks offers the following additional services outside of the scope of our basic publishing package:

  • Editorial and proofreading
  • Pre-launch marketing booster

Pre-Launch Marketing/Publicity Booster

Artisan Bookworks also offers a Marketing/Publicity Booster for authors who would like a little extra help with their marketing efforts. The Booster is $999 and includes:

  • A press release for your book.
  • Email collaboration to refine the language for your press release, including the Q&A. (Our expectation is that this email correspondence not be unlimited. We will read your draft and ask for thoughts/input. We expect you to streamline your communication. Work on the release may entail but will not exceed a single half-hour phone call).
  • A galley letter for your book, which goes out with your long-lead “galley” copies (to the outlets listed below and anywhere else you may decide to send long-lead galleys* to).
  • A checklist of free and creative ways to promote your book.
  • Mailing of your books (2 copies to each outlet) to the five top industry review sites, i.e. Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Shelf Awareness, and Booklist.

*Long-lead mailings include any books sent out to reviewers or media three or more months prior to publication date.