Bulk Orders


Thank you for your interest in ordering books wholesale from Artisan Bookworks. We offer discounted pricing to bookstores, libraries, conferences, and special events where our titles will be resold. We reserve the right to confirm information about any reseller and to cancel and refund any order that does not qualify for discounted pricing. Bulk pricing applies only to printed titles in our catalog. Discount is applied to the list (original) price of the book.

Bulk Discount Per Title


Wholesale Order Form

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Bulk Order Return Policy

All bulk sales are non-returnable.

Accepted Payment Methods

MasterCard and Visa.


Shipping and handling fees will apply. Wholesale orders may take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Expedited shipping is available upon request, additional shipping fees will be applied.


Normal taxes apply to bulk orders. If your organization is tax exempt, you will be asked to provide a copy of your resellers certificate.

Bulk Orders Shipping Internationally

Not available at this time.


If you do not receive an order confirmation within three business days, it is possible the email is being blocked by email filtering software in your computer, your email or internet provider, or your workplace email system.

If You Use an Email Filter

If the email system on your computer uses a filter or spam blocker, please add the email address on the order form to your address book or “white list” to ensure that you receive emails about your query.

If Your Company or Network Uses Email Filters

Please contact your email system administrator or Internet service provider to see if a filter or spam blocker is in use.

If Your Email Provider Uses Email Filters

Some Internet service providers or web-based email providers have email filters or restrictions that may prevent our emails from reaching you. If you think that email from artisanbookworks.com is being blocked, we suggest you add the email address on the order form to the address book or contact list offered by your email provider.