Author Events & School Visits with Kathleen

Kathleen Macferran
Kathleen Macferran

Kathleen Macferran is a facilitator, author, teacher, Certified Trainer and Assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and the owner of Strength of Connection. She has spent much of her life bringing harmony to communities through music, including two decades as a classical music conductor and seven years as a public-school music teacher. Kathleen loves children and believes music and giraffes (the main characters in her children’s books) have much to teach us about interdependent social living.

Central to Kathleen’s work is a vision for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. She is committed to co-creating a world where peace replaces violence, love replaces hate, equity replaces inequity, and all people live meaningful lives. She passionately believes safe and inclusive schools have a critical role to play in creating that world. In addition to being a teacher for grades 5-12 and college level classes, Kathleen has decades of experience in school visits including school assemblies, classroom visits and working one on one with students. 

Kathleen travels and teaches internationally offering facilitation, community building and conflict transformation, using practical skills that lead to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. She has worked with schools, community groups, businesses, colleges, faith-based communities, hospitals, families, prison inmates, and correctional and law enforcement employees. 

Kathleen is the author of the children’s books How Giraffes Found Their Hearts, and How Giraffes Got Their Ears, and conductor for Giraffe Tales, a children’s CD setting those stories to music. She is co-author with Jared Finkelstein of Choice: A Field Guide for Navigating the Polarization of Our World and Living Interdependently. Kathleen is the conductor on multiple Rainier Chamber Winds classical music recordings. Her website is where her TEDx talks, books, workshops and music can be found.


    • EVENTS:
      • Classroom visits (can include readings, curriculum projects, training on how to listen empathically, how to speak up with honesty and care, training on how to work through conflicts in the classroom)
      • Workshops for parents and/or staff
      • Conflict transformation system set-up and training
      • Facilitation for decision making
      • Meeting facilitation
    • WHERE:
      • Zoom
      • In person (US or international) if COVID safety allows
    • RATES:
      • $200-$300/hr (plus travel, if necessary)
      • Kathleen is committed to bringing equal access to all schools regardless of financial situations, so please contact her if you would like to talk about an alternative rate that will be mutually supportive.