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Victoria Martinsen grew up on Elliott Bay, sailing a little boat called “Puff”. As an adult, she made her career writing, raised two daughters and took up painting. Years into retirement and grounded by a pandemic she combined her skills; threw in her life-long quest for meaning and out came Paz.

Born of the author’s personal search for peace, Paz helps Skipper face demons and learn from the experience. Their story illustrates strategies she uses for overcoming anxiety. This book has life lessons your family can use too.  

She wrote the book she wishes had been read to her and that she could have read to her children. Today, she’s walking the shore, working to greet her feelings by name and stay long enough to learn what they have to say.  


Finding Paz is the picture book you wish was read to you as a child. It’s a sweet fable of finding peace and managing fear. A young sailor meets a sea dragon and imagines the worst. Fear, flight and a fight follow. Skipper’s scary encounter ultimately turns to unexpected friendship and new understanding. It turns out the dragon is tame: Paz, translated, makes Peace her name. She helps little Skipper face demons and learn from the experience. Paz and Skipper’s story illustrates strategies for overcoming anxiety and opens a path for navigating emotions. Paz gives life lessons your family can make your own:  

That the way we look at things changes the way we see. 
That our feelings often have something to tell us. 
That that not all dragons need to be slain. 
That bravery may be as simple as saying, “Hello”.

By the end of this tale, told in verse, a creature quite dear helps a frightened child overcome fear. 

Hardcover ISBN 9781735875910
Softcover ISBN 9781735875903

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Finding Paz
Summer school students enjoying their very own copies of Finding Paz

“Thank you so much to the publisher at Artisan Bookworks who sent a copy of the children’s picture book Finding Paz by Victoria Martinsen for each student in my summer school class! They are so excited to have a book of their very own to take home! Thank you, Kelly for your kindness and generosity!”
—Melissa Darrow, NBCT