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Jared Finkelstein is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication who believes that in a connected world what’s essential is the quality of our connection.  As a consultant and trainer he specializes in supporting people and communities to make choices that transform separation and misunderstanding into connection and collaboration. Jared is devoted to the idea of intergenerational interdependence.  In organizations, schools, homes, and camps, he brings the practice of Nonviolent Communication as a strategy to explore how to fine tune the qualities of connection in all our relationships, and for everyone’s benefit.


Choice: A field guide for navigating the polarization of our world and living interdependently is a nonfiction pocket book co-authored with Kathleen Macferran. This book is about creating a reflective space where the reader can explore choices and philosophical perspectives that go beyond right and wrong and into the realm of interdependent relationship. Based upon the key differentiations and principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, this book provides a rigorous investigation of the life-serving motivation embedded in concepts which sometimes appear as polar opposites. Through differentiation and nuanced exploration of these concepts, light is shed on the life-serving purpose at both ends of a seeming continuum between ideas. Readers are invited to apply on a personal level a consciousness that leads to self-responsibility, connection and collaboration. 

Choice would be of benefit to individuals, community leaders, city councils, undergraduate and community colleges, and organizations in their work with conflict resolution, more effective communication, decision-making, etc. because:

                      • it is non-directive and invites groups to engage with questions and discern values
                      • it invites rigorous study, self-discernment, debate
                      • the reflections are applicable to any life situation
                      • it fits comfortably with practical/secular, modern philosophy and spiritual lenses
                      • it can be a bridge between theories from many disciplines and application. 
                      • designed for seminar study, to look at one differentiation and discuss it deeply

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Kathleen Macferran holds a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. She’s worked as a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2003 and serves as an assessor for this international organization. For over 25 years Kathleen has explored ways to restore harmony to communities including two decades as a music conductor and seven years as a public school music teacher. Kathleen supports organizations and communities to engage with conflict in life-serving ways. She offers trainings, facilitation and mediation in concrete skills of nonviolence leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and the community.

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