Author Services

If you’re an author planning on independently publishing your book and you need assistance with technical or editorial, we’re here to help. At Artisan Bookworks, we recognize every author has a unique vision and we would be honored to help you bring yours to life. 

Book Design

We believe in quality over quantity. Artisan Bookworks crafts beautiful print and eBooks for discerning authors who want the best for their readers.

Editing and Proofreading

Reading a book filled with grammatical and typographical errors is frustrating. Solid spelling, correct punctuation and overall consistency are fundamental to creating a well-written work, that your readers will appreciate.

Our Process

  1. Complete our quotation request form and we’ll determine exactly what services you need. 
  2. Please email your manuscript (so we can better discuss and estimate your book project—we keep all manuscripts strictly confidential)
  3. We will return a detailed quote outlining the plan for your book. This is the time to ask questions. We’ll also include details for making payment and submitting any additional files.
  4. We will send you sample chapter options showing how your book will look. You will need to approve these samples.
  5. We will design/layout your book page by page, chapter by chapter, placing illustrations where necessary, following the agreed upon specifications and requirements.
  6. After completing the layout, we will send you a digital proof you can review and note any alterations, if needed.
  7. Once the final layout is approved, we issue a print-ready PDF, ePub file (optional), and the master file in Adobe InDesign. You are now ready to publish!¹

Design Services & Fees

Print Book Interior, starts at $299²

  • Interior Design/Layout (please specify: IngramSpark, KDP, D2D)
  • Publication-Ready Master File

Print Children’s Picture Book, starts at $99³

  • Interior Layout (author furnishes final, clean illustrations)
  • Cover (author furnishes final, clean artwork that meets specs)
  • Publication-Ready POD Master File

Cover Art for Print Book, starts at $199³

  • Fee varies by project, author’s vision, and whether we are using stock photography or custom illustration
  • Publication-Ready POD Master File

eBook Interior, starts at $199²

  • Interior Design/Layout (EPUB)
  • No fee for cover if we are designing one for print edition
  • Publication-Ready Digital Master File

Fixed Layout Children’s Digital Picture Book, starts at $299²

  • Interior Design/Layout (EPUB)
  • Publication-Ready Digital Master File

Editorial Services, starts at $100


¹ Book design services do not include ISBN, LCCN, or copyright registrations. Revisions requested by author after digital proof has been approved will be charged a fee.

² Layout/design fees may vary based on the complexity of the book. For example, a book with maps, charts, tables, illustrations, footnotes, etc. will be more than a text-only interior.

³ If custom cover art and/or illustrations are needed, the project cost will be significantly higher, depending on illustrator’s fees.