“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.”

Kelly LenihanKelly Lenihan, publisher/editor: Kelly has a B.A. in General Arts from the University of Washington as well as an Associates Degree in Business. She has worked as an associate editor, marketing manager, marketing collateral designer, publicist, web designer, and content manager.

As a voracious book lover, both to read and to write, Kelly has read everything she could get her hands on. As a child, if she wasn’t reading, she was sketching fashion designs. And if she wasn’t sketching, she was dreaming up fantastical stories, replete with colorful characters engaging in wondrous adventures. By the end of her teens, she’d written countless short stories.

After completing college, Kelly launched her own clothing business featuring original fabric designs gleaned from traditions and techniques around the globe. She eventually turned her focus to pottery and sold hand-painted ceramic pots in local garden centers and even garnered the attention of notable companies like Jackson & Perkins. Never losing her penchant for writing, She’s been published in various magazines and enjoyed her own newspaper column for several years. To this day, Kelly is an avid blogger and has several book projects in the works.

Throughout her life, this passion to write and to create has been the impetus for her life and career choices, including stints in editorial positions at magazines—both print and online—which eventually segued into the digital design world as she began overseeing corporate websites. Kelly’s innate curiosity fueled her desire to understand how websites were created, so she learned the intricacies of manipulating code, discovering yet another form to express her passion for design. She went on to design and develop over 100 websites.

The pull of creative writing has always been a thread through everything she does, and when Kelly  made the leap from corporate life to the creation of her own business in 2008, something came full circle. Now, not only can she infuse her love of design and the written word with her desire to serve and promote fellow creatives, she can do it in a way that is deeply satisfying both personally and professionally—straight from her heart.

“When I was referred to Kelly of Artisan Bookworks, I had a manuscript I’d been longing for years to get published—I’d given up submitting to agents, tired of rejection letters. I wanted to simply “get my work out there,” but had no clue how to go about it. Kelly walked me step-by-step through the process, providing me with excellent information to guide me in each of the multitude of choices there are to be made along the way. As a timid novice, it was exactly the kind of help I needed. It’s thanks to Kelly that I’m a successfully published author!”

—Lindy MacLaine, author of The Curse of the Neverland

“I must thank is my friend Kelly Lenihan, she has been the Fairy Godmother to my writing career. Without her help, there is almost zero chance I would ever have gotten a book published, and very little chance I would ever have written a second.”

—macayle, author of The Knightswood Tales

“Kelly’s work is simply genius. I love her creativity and ability to capture the essence of a person’s work with color, photos, fonts and all that goes into the visual part. She also knows how to “make things work” and does an excellent job of anything she agrees to do. I’ve been working with Kelly on various projects since 2008 and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I am one satisfied, joyful and grateful client!”

—Lorrie Jones, founder of Simple Serenity and author of the 21 Day guidebook series