“Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Say hello to the flexibility and control of print-on-demand publishing, keeping your hard-earned royalties and retaining your rights throughout the publishing process. Print-on-demand publishing is changing the landscape for writers, allowing you to say good-bye to the rejection of traditional publishers, the two-year publishing cycle, the hassles of guessing print-runs, managing inventory and the responsibility of order fulfillment. As a hardworking writer who dreams of seeing your book in print, you have the right to a positive publishing experience.


Because we care about the books we’re publishing, we choose to hand-select submissions rather than publishing everything that comes through the door, allowing us to produce each book with the care and attention it deserves. As a publishing service that offers editorial and design assistance to authors, our foremost concern is to provide authors with a smooth experience by taking care of the details, every step of the way. If you’ve already submitted your initial synopsis and it’s been accepted for publication, you will then return a signed Author-Publisher Agreement along with payment for the publishing package. Our basic book publishing package is outlined below.


Publishing Package Includes Print Book:

  • Custom B/W interior design for up to 120,000 words*
  • Up to five author-provided B/W/ image insertions
  • Proofreading of your final manuscript
  • Full-color cover design for print-on-demand**
  • Personalized back cover
  • Author volume discounts
  • Print-on-demand setup with Lightning Source (LSI)
  • Physical Proof
  • ISBN registered through Bowker
  • Library of Congress control number
  • Support and management of title metadata
  • Bowker’s Books In Print Registration
  • Email support during the publishing process
  • Ongoing project management of your title for the lifespan of your book
  • Support for getting your book into bookstores, libraries and other trade outlets

Publishing Package Also Includes:

  • eBook file preparation (.mobi, .epub)
  • Upload to Amazon and iBookstore
  • Digital cover design**
  • ISBN registered through Bowker
  • Email support during the publishing process

*Picture books, cookbooks, art books with color interiors and/or numerous images, footnotes and charts, etc. will be covered under a publishing agreement specific to the project.
**Book covers using stock images are included; should you wish to collaborate with one of our illustrators on a custom designed cover, additional fees may apply.

Custom Interior Formatting

Custom interior formatting includes a title page, copyright page, dedication page, acknowledgments page, chapters, running headers and page numbers, “About the Author” and/or “Other Books By” page. Small photo on Author bio page if desired. This service is for books with straight text (eg. novel or memoir without lists, multiple subheadings, quotes, etc.)

Note: Textual and image changes after formatting begins will incur additional fees. No refunds after work or correspondence regarding work begins.


Authors who have already worked with a professional editor and have a publish-ready manuscript will proceed directly into the production process, meaning your manuscript will go straight to layout (design).

Proofreading (included in the publishing package)

Proofreading is the final stage in the process, after layout (design) is complete. This gives us a final opportunity to spot check for any formatting problems that may have been introduced during the design process as well as a final check for punctuation and other small errors overlooked in the editorial process.

Copyediting  (not included in the publishing package)

Having your manuscript professionally edited is one of the most critical steps in the publishing process and makes all the difference in publishing an error-free book. If your manuscript requires something heavier than a proofread, although we do not require that you get your copyedit done by Artisan Bookworks, we do offer copyediting services.

Note: If your manuscript requires more than a copyedit, we will let you know before proceeding.


Artisan Bookworks goal is to make your work available for print-on-demand distribution in a timely manner once we are in receipt of all required materials. You have the option to delay distribution if you want pre-launch review copies sent out 3-4 months prior to publication.

The publishing package includes a custom cover design and a custom B/W interior design, as well as full file preparation, both for e-publication and for POD (print-on-demand). The production process begins the moment you submit a manuscript that we have deemed ready for publication.

The Cover. To help the designer understand your design aesthetic, it is helpful to provide notes on your preferences, as well as examples of other book covers that appeal to you. You will initially receive a PDF file of two rough cover design concepts and choose the one which most resonates with you, which will then be polished for your final book jacket.

While your cover is being designed, your manuscript goes to layout. Once you’ve approved your final cover design and accepted the changes the proofreader has made to your manuscript, the book is ready for production. At this point (or earlier), you will supply us with back cover content and blurbs to edit.

At this point, your book will be submitted to the printer and a physical proof will be sent to you for final approval. Upon final approval, depending on your publishing package, galleys will be sent to book reviewers or, your book will be released into global distribution. Once a book is published, the author can file for copyright registration.

Print-on-demand Book Upload Submission Services Includes:

  • Setting your book’s retail price
  • Setting your book’s size (for print-on-demand)
  • Selecting your binding option (hardcover/softcover)
  • Selecting paper quality (if applicable)
  • Adding your copyright notice if there is one
  • Uploading your interior file including meta data
  • Uploading your cover file
  • Submitting your book to Search Inside


eBook publication is an important consideration in your publishing needs, since you want your book to be available on all of the major devices (.EPUB, .MOBI). We create only regular e-publication files, meaning that authors who require enhanced e-publications (embedded links, videos, and interactive elements) or fixed layouts (i.e., children’s picture books and cookbooks) will need to let us know so that we can prepare a separate quote. We are currently not providing e-publication for old-school mobile devices or the Kindle Fire.

Artisan Bookworks supplies separate ISBNs for both your eBook and your print edition(s) as part of our publishing packages. We prepare and upload your eBook files to select online distributors (Amazon, iBook, etc.). Distribution happens automatically, and the eBook edition of your book will be released as soon as your print edition is made available for sale.


Using the distribution strength of Ingram Book Company, your book will always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries, your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.


Artisan Bookworks provides all authors with quarterly statements. Sales payments from books sold directly through a retail or wholesale customer (typically Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, etc.) are paid quarterly within thirty days of the close of the quarters that fall on March 31st, June 30, September 30, and December 31, when the amount of royalties earned is $20.00 or more. Royalties will not be paid on copies sold directly to the author or on books that are returned. Artisan Bookworks retains a distribution and management fee on all copies of print and eBooks sold.