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From childhood through her college years, Kelly Lenihan was forever making up stories, often writing them down. After completing a general arts degree from the University of Washington, Kelly went on to enjoy a diverse range of creative endeavors, from fashion design and hand-painted pottery to web design and teaching global arts. Never losing her penchant for writing; she’s been published in various magazines and enjoyed her own newspaper column for several years. To this day, she is an avid blogger and has several children’s picture books in the works as well as several full-length books. As a parent, Kelly delighted in sharing her love of the magical world of books by reading aloud to her two boys. Many nights, her younger son would place his tiny hand on hers while looking up with big, brown hope-filled eyes, (most likely as a stalling tactic) and plead for “one more story” – how could any parent refuse? So in the moment, Kelly began making up stories, which to this day, remain beloved family favorites. Kelly’s picture books are right for wee ones who love being read aloud to and for children just learning how to read, ages 0-8.

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Goober and Muffin

Illustrations by Oona Risling-Sholl


Goober and Muffin were the best of friends; no matter that Goober was a puppy and Muffin was a kitten. As Goober and Muffin grow up, their friends started complaining that it was not okay for them to be pals. Succumbing to peer pressure and going their separate ways seemed to be the only answer, even though Goober and Muffin were both miserable. One day, a calamitous misadventure reunites this unlikely twosome, reminding them what really matters. Turning their backs on prejudice once and for all, Goober and Muffin go back to doing what they love best, being best friends forever. 

ISBN: 978-0989869287 – Hardcover $20.00 USD
ISBN: 978-0991174706 – Softcover $12.95 USD

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“A sweet story that helps teach both kids and their parents that friendship can cross boundaries; beautifully told and illustrated!” —EMI SUZUKI

The Skipping Stone

Illustrations by Oona Risling-Sholl & Naomi Bardoff

3D-skippingstone Sometimes, when we truly hope and dream and wish really hard for something, it will come true—the power of our imagination is a wondrous thing. If you’ve ever tossed a penny in the fountain or made a wish on the North Star, you know what I mean. There are so many ways to make a wish, and sometimes we will discover yet one more way from someone we meet along the way, like Nick in The Skipping Stone. Nick is an ordinary little boy fervently yearning for something extraordinary to happen. One day, on a family outing, his dream comes true in a rather unusual way. When Nick’s wishful thinking finally pays off, could it be that he ends up with a special memento to remind him of his extraordinary day?
The Skipping Stone Coloring Book
This very special edition of The Skipping Stone contains two bonus sections in the back of the book, Did You Know? and How to Skip Stones. Learn some fun facts about stone skipping as well as pointers on technique and how to choose the best rocks.

ISBN 978-0989869256 – Hardcover $20.00 USD
ISBN 978-0989869218 – Softcover
$12.95 USD
ISBN 978-0989869294 Coloring Book $8.49 USD

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“This is a very interesting story that shows us how so many things are connected, and life has an incredible way of working. The illustrations are beautiful with gorgeous, vivid colors. A sweet reminder of how it truly is a small world. I look forward to more work from this author!”
—Kat D. R.